Fixing my %PATH%

After a while working with a computer it’s not unusual for my %PATH% environment variable to become messy.

It tends to contain wrongly formatted paths, or paths that no longer exist from programs that have been uninstalled.

This was causing me problems when I ran a tool that relied on the path and was having trouble with it. Turns out this tool was pretty primitive and a touch too over-sensitive.

I had no idea which path it was choking on, and there are a lot of entries in my %PATH%, and many of them use environment variables, the I thought I’d quickly write a powershell script to fix what’s in there.

There are a couple of simple rules for %PATH%

  • It’s a semi-colon separated list
  • Don’t use quotes (“) in paths
  • Spaces are permitted
  • Environment variables of the form %NAME% are permitted.

The script simply checks each path isn’t surrounded by quotes, ensures the path exists (it has to resolve the environment variables first) and then returns a new string in the correct format for the %PATH% environment.

It returns the script to give you a chance to verify it yourself. But if you just want to update the %PATH% without that step, you can do this:

Where “Fix-Path.ps1” is just a saved copy of the script above.

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