Docker on Windows 10 Anniversary – [updated]

So Windows 10 Anniversary is out and it brings with it Containers!

Most likely if you’re like me and already interested in docker, you’ll have installed the Docker App from and will be wondering why the instructions don’t work.

Basically the docker app for windows doesn’t currently support Windows containers.

If you run docker version you can see why:

The server is running linux. No hosting Windows containers in that.

Now I could uninstall the current docker app and then follow the instructions, but really I want to just quickly try out docker windows containers but also keep using my linux containers.

How I got it working was to tweak the instructions a bit:

  • From the System Tray, right-click on docker and select “Exit Docker”
  • In powershell stop the docker service  Stop-Service com.docker.service
  • Download the Windows container service (ensure you have a c:\temp folder):
  • CD into the c:\temp folder and extract this archive:
  • There are 3 files in the new “docker” folder: docker.exe (which is the same as in the Windows docker app), docker-proxy and dockerd.exe. We need dockerd.exe
  • Register this new dockerd service and start it:
  • Once you start the new docker service you’ll see:

Now your windows nanoserver container will happily install and as per the original instructions:

Unfortunately for me, it just hangs here, and does absolutely nothing. In the end I have to kill the docker.exe process and stop the service.

So still waiting on getting working containers on Windows.

To remove the Windows container service, and return to linux, stop the windows container service (optionally un-register it)

Then start the Docker app service again, the run “Docker for Windows” app again to start the Mobylinux host.


Update to the latest version:


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