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First Published PowerShell Module

Today I tidied up a PowerShell module that I’ve been using myself for ages and pushed it to PSGallery.

It’s a pretty simple module that scratches one of my big itches with powershell. It’s really hard to write coloured text with the tools provided.

Generally writing colours to the console for command line tools isn’t always simple. Libraries like chalk exist in the NPM world, but I’ve never yet found one for PowerShell. Now one exists 🙂

One of the issues with PowerShell is that the current terminal (really conhost, a process that hosts the shell) is notoriously (even infamously) bad at what it can do. Imagine a feature you’ve seen in a Linux terminal and there’s a very good chance that conhost doesn’t have it. Microsoft has started to finally address these deficiencies, and it’s about time, especially as Windows Core and Nano Server are likely to be very important platforms in the coming future, and all of those will be command-line only.

You can check out the my module on GitHub or simply install it and play with it.